Strawberry and Chia Body Scrub


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Strawberry and Chia Seed Body Scrub


Exfoliate and refresh

With a natural fragrance of strawberry, our body scrub is perfect for exfoliating your skin and leaving you feeling smooth and luxurious.

Our Strawberry and Chia Seed Body Scrub contains Camellia oil which is a very potent antioxidant and quickly absorbs into your skin for that soft and moisturised feel.

Ingredients: White Sugar, *Camellia Oil, Chia Seed and Strawberry Powder. *Certified Organic Ingredients

Directions of use: Get wet! In circular motions massage a small amount of body scrub into your skin, focusing on problem areas. Leave for 2-4 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Do not take me into the shower as I do not have any preservatives and water will contaminate me.

Keep me stored in a cool dry place when not in use. If an adverse reaction occurs please discontinue use.

Weight170 g


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